Friday, June 18, 2021

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Regular Public Skating Returns Friday and Saturday Nights

We had a great season of strobe lights, lasers and the fog machine and look forward to next fall. Until then all public skating returns to normal public skating, including Friday and Saturday nights.

We're open!

Our ice is fresh, painted, and we're back to a normal schedule!

Behind The Scenes - October 2015 Repairs

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our weekend repairs!


Friday Update & Estimated Opening Date

Our system is back together and ready to run...Unfortunately Univar Chemical Co. cannot get the CaCl2 to us until Monday...we placed the order for 1500 gallons at 0.010 specific weight with rust inhibitor and de-foaming agent but they did not have it in their Cincinnati warehouse so it is on its way from their Tennessee warehouse. We are looking at a Tuesday Opening date.....

Thursday October 1, 2015 Update

De-humidification finished....the rink will be dry..!! Pump is giving us some fits....sits 3/4 of and inch higher so we are cutting and welding new stand for pump that matches up with motor and 8 inch return header. Then we have to re-pipe the 8 inch header on the outflow side of pump and move it 7 and 1/2 inches out.....cut pipe and weld pie shape wedge into existing pipe so it will line up and go into ammonia chiller.....!!! Hey...!!! Someone tell my wife I do more than drink coffee and read the hockey news....

September 30th Update

New De-humidification controls almost finished..!! New Brine Pump (used to pump the CaCl2) through the rink floor pipes and chiller (expansion tank) has arrived. Assembly and Installation tomorrow and hopefully we will be pulling down the floor tomorrow night.....!!


Thanks for all of our great customers for being so understanding....we hate breakdowns as much as you do.....!!!

Systems Are Offline!

We should be up and running soon....replacing brine pump that went down and while doing this it gives us a chance to repair the dehumidifier system that was down for 8 months and needed the system to be off for 3 days to do it.....

Learn to Play Hockey


A brand new learn to play hockey for all ages is coming to Northland Ice Center this October!

The cost will be $125 for 9 weeks of instruction and will be every Sunday 4pm - 5:30pm (holiday's excluded). Our first session is expected to start early to mid-October. Subscribe to our new Northland eNews™ lists for both Adult Learn to Play Hockey and Youth Learn to Play Hockey information at!

or check back here soon for details!

Regular Hours Are Now In Effect!

We return to our regular schedule this week! Be sure to check back soon for our latest events and DJ Northland news or subscribe to our Northland eNewsletter™ to get updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Rink Schedule

Friday 06/18/21
06:00AM - 7:00 AM
6AM Morning Hockey
Friday 06/18/21
08:00AM - 1:00 PM
NSA 8 to 1
Friday 06/18/21
01:00PM - 3:00 PM
Public Skating 1 to 3
Friday 06/18/21
03:00PM - 4:30 PM
Stick and Puck 3 to 4:30
Friday 06/18/21
04:30PM - 6:00 PM
Open Hockey 4:30 to 6
Friday 06/18/21
06:00PM - 8:00 PM
Moeller Summer Game 6 to 8
Friday 06/18/21
08:00PM - 10:00 PM
Public Ice Skating 8 to 10
Friday 06/18/21
10:00PM - 12:00 AM
Saturday 06/19/21
08:00AM - 9:30 AM
Jr Cyclones 8 to 9:30
Saturday 06/19/21
09:30AM - 11:00 AM
Dougs Hockey 9:30 to 11

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